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Or do you call them  Slushys or Granitas - or Slurpees, or Iceees?
Whichever, our History section can help you decide which you prefer.

Perhaps you're here to see about our Slushie "Cool 4 School" service, helping Schools to serve our Great Slushies - which are "GREEN" under the NSW Government Canteen rules and are Healthy Kids registered "AMBER"!!

Maybe you have heard what an terrific asset a slushie machine can be and you want to serve Great Slushies from your shop, or your Sports Club, or from your Servo, or Beach Kiosk or Take-Away. In which case you will want to know whether to purchase or rent one of our great slushie machines.

 The Business Case for serving slushies - 400%+ Mark-up!

 This is the mark-up you can make when you acquire a slushie machine from us!  Not only can you delight your customers and    add buzz to your business, you can make a real difference to the profitability of your business. We will show you how...

  RENT or BUY -
  You can rent a machine starting at less than $30 a week for a top-quality machine! Renting is an extremely tax-efficient way of acquiring a machine and - when you rent from us - we will include you  enough cups, spoon-straws and high-quality slushie mix to pay for your first year of rental!

*A small business - a fruit & veg shop - bought a machine from us recently - and made over $3,000 profit in their first month!

* One of our favourite customers (a small sports club) - have had their machine over two years and make more than $25,000 profit per year from their machine - whilst delighting their customers!

BUNN Ultra 1 BUNN Ultra 2
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