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Gallery of Slushie Machines - good, bad & ugly!
PARTY Packages

How a Slushie Machine can become your 400%+ margin money maker! 

There's not much in the business world that will produce such excellent returns for such little effort and capital as a well-displayed and promoted slushie machine. We have 10 years of experience in helping our customers to make a
success of their enterprise. We will help you place it and set it up, and with point-of-sale materials including loyalty cards and banners and FREE give-aways.

400% + margin - how does that work?!!

It is simple .. if you buy your supplies from The Slushie Co, the cost of a medium-sized cup - including cup, lid and spoon straw, will be less than 50 cents. This cup will then sell for around $2.50 to $3 ... well over 400 to 500% mark-up. Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of your product sales achieved even half that!

The BUNN Ultra 2 

The BUNN Ultra will make the best slushies, smoothies and cocktails you can get ... and can make you 400+% and more!

Not only that, but this fine machine is the only one on the market that comes with a 2 year warranty - twice that of any machine that we know of!

And...the electronics are covered for an extra year on top of that - a total of 3 years.

And...the compressor is covered for an extra 2 years on top of that - a total of 5 years!

Think about it. The worst disaster that can befall a slushie machine, is that the compressor goes. With your BUNN, if at any time within 5 years of your purchase the compressor goes, you're covered!

This is the most comprehensive warranty available on any slushie machine on the market, in the world.

2 years warranty, with 1 year including labour.

3 years parts and 3 years labour on electronics.

5 years parts and 1 year labour on compressor.

400% + margin - how does that work?!!

It is simple .. if you buy your supplies from The Slushie Co, the cost of a medium-sized cup - including cup, lid and spoon straw, will be around 41cents - which will sell for around $2.50 to $3 ... well over 400 to 500% mark-up. Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of your product sales achieved even half that!


These machines only need a standard powerpoint to run. No plumbing or anything else is needed.

So, what does this mean for you?

This means that you can take this machine anywhere you like. This includes party hire. You can charge up to $250 for a single night hire of your slushie machine!

What about Surf & Sporting Clubs? We have customers that have paid off their machine in their first six weeks of operation!

More About The Machines

The BUNN Ultra 2 is the state-of-the-art machine in uncarbonated slushies, world-wide!

A BIG claim, but we stand by it.

There are many reasons why the BUNN is outstanding - here are just some of them......

It looks absolutely great! In our opinion, it is by far and away the best looking .....

This is due to both to its sort of both retro & futuristic design, and because it is beautifully built, of high quality materials.

Why is this such an advantage?

Your Customers will be much happier buying from a beautiful, professional-looking machine.

And, because of the top quality materials used, it will still look great in five years time!

Notice the high, adjustable legs? This means maximum ventilation from all sides, whilst extracted warm air exits from underneath!

This gives two advantages;
a) combined with the machine's more powerful compressor and air extraction, the BUNN Ultra freezes down faster than most others, and stays frozen under hotter conditions; 
b) it means that you can stand things next to the machine, without getting then "cooked" by hot air blasting out of the sides!  This can be a significant advantage where space is limited!

Yet More Unique Features and Benefits!

  • The tanks have a "click and lock" mechanism, meaning you know when they are securely located and that they will not get displaced and pop out, spilling the contents. YES! -  this does happen on other machines .....
  • Patented reversing turning mixer action (it stops and goes the other way!) quickens freeze time and stops "clumping" of your slush - producing a consistent, smooth mix that people love!
  • The very simple to program and run CPU with touch-pad display controls means that you can:
  • 1) instantly control the thickness of your slush!! Fantastic .. just "dial it up" (or down!) 
  • 2) Set your machine to cycle thro' freezing and chilling cycles when you want, (essential for smooth slush control and product life protection)
  • 3) program in your cleaning reminders - and instructions!
  • Ingenious electronic refrigeration monitoring ensures better freezing control and long life of your compressor.

Refrigeration Air Filter that actually works and is easy to maintain! Just unclip and brush clean .. really saves your electricity bill - and increases the efficiency of the freeze.

  • Two large 3 gallon (11.4 litre) hoppers for optimum cooling and serving capacity.
  • 2 years warranty on parts, with 3 years on electronics and 5 years on compressor. Peace of mind for a long time.

This is the control panel. As you can see, it's backlit screen is easily visible in the dark - ideal if you want one for a bar or nightclub. There are also lights in the hopper lids, illuminating the slush and making the machine the focus of attention. People will buy what's in it just because it looks so good!

Here's some of what it can do and we will fully set it up for you when we install it.

Remember, we are also just a phone call away if ever you get stuck. We are a real, bricks and mortar business.

Cleaning Guide - Leads the operator through a nine step cleaning procedure. The machine automatically shuts down the bits you are cleaning as you go!

Set Consistency - Allows the operator to instantly adjust the consistency of the ice (like climate control for ice).

Night/Day Mode - Allows the dispenser to power down during off hours. During night mode, the product is kept chilled to below 35 degrees Farenheit, so you don't have to emtpy your tanks each day and refrigerate it overnight. Essentially, the machine becomes a fridge when in night mode. Just set the daily time for it to switch to night mode, plus the "wake up" time in the morning, then forget!

Defrost P.M. Reminder - P.M.s, or "preventative maintenance", is essential for a piece of machinery that runs constantly. With the BUNN, these are required twice a year (yes, we can do them for you). P.M. reminder is a feature where the machine will tell you when it's P.M. time, in case you forget.

Think about why BUNN offers such a comprehensive warranty period. It is because they themselves know it is a good machine and are willing to back it - with twice the warranty of other brands.

1300 793 350

We will deliver and install your machine within the Sydney metro region, and to some regional areas. We will also train you and your staff in how to use the machine.

With the BUNN, you may pay a higher price initially, but you now own a superior machine, plus an unbeatable warranty support from real people who have years of experience in the industry.

Our aim is to build relationships that last. That is why we supply a service you can trust and a machine that will last - the BUNN Ultra 2!

Machine dimensions: 35"H x 16"W x 25"D

Machine weight: 137lbs, or 62kg, dry weight.

Please call us anytime if you have any questions at all.