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PARTY Packages

Our "Cool 4 School" Service

Our "Cool 4 School" Service is dedicated to supporting Schools.

There are several ways your School can participate in our "Cool 4 School" service, each qualifies your School to benefit from our Slushie Smiles program.:

1) Our "Free-On-Loan" service (this scheme has limited availability)

  • we supply a top quality Slushie Machine, for FREE! (conditions apply)
  • we install for FREE;
  • we offer continuing support for FREE - we train and retrain, whenever you need it, for FREE, of course!
  • we maintain your Slushie Machine for FREE.

We supply you with Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice for you to create Great Slushies!

We also donate slushies FREE, to your School, to make money on fund-raiser days.
See our "Slushie Smiles"


We contact you - every two weeks during the busy times - to check your stock and ensure everything is OK. We deliver your stock for FREE - next day in most areas..

Maintenance and Repairs

We have a 24hr, 7 day-a-week contact line. We will respond within a day or sooner. If a problem cannot be fixed on site, we will simply install a replacement machine.


Our pricing is aimed so that every child can buy that special treat and the School can make a reasonable profit.

FRUCHILLA Natural uses the best ingredients and your slushies are served from top quality, serviced machines, yet our prices are very reasonable indeed! How do we do this? The simple truth is that we are dedicated, we work hard, and for less profit. We want every School to make a good margin, and every child to get great value!

Terms: The School undertakes to maintain the cleaning and correct operation of the machine and needs to purchase a minimum amount of FRUCHILLA Natural mix every year.

2) Our "RENT TO BUY" Scheme

Many Schools have chosen this..

You Rent a Machine. YOU get:

  1. A top-quality, brand new machine, Ugolini MT2 twin bowl machine.
  2. The Slushie Co guarantees your machine for THREE years*.
  3. The Slushie Co services your machine once per year FOR FREE!*
  4. This rent will be only $178 per month + GST
    (TOTAL = $2,136 + GST per year).
  5. At the end, after one, final payment – the machine belongs to the School!
  6. 600 cups FREE BUYER’S BONUS - WORTH OVER $1200!!   

3) You Can buy a machine from us .. outright - and simply purchase FRUCHILLA Natural from us.

4) Your School may already have acquired a machine, in which case, you can simply buy FRUCHILLA Natural 99% Fruit Juices from us.