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Our Slushies... introducing Fruchilla Natural - 'The Great Natural 99% Fruit Juice Slushie!'

For our 'great taste' we have Fruchilla Natural, our Premium Grade Slushie, created right here in Australia, for Australian Schools.

Fruchilla Natural is Australian owned and produced, and uses mostly Australian juices.


The NSW Department of Education recently announced its new Strategy in the fight against obesity.

Before this, Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice rated GREEN under the Healthy Canteen “Fresh Tastes” guidelines, when served at 200 mls, and AMBER at 300 mls.

This has changed. 

Under the new Strategy, Fruchilla 99% Fruit Juice now rates as an Everyday frozen ice snack. The serving size should be 250 mls or less.

You can access the entire Strategy here: https://cms.det.nsw.edu.au/healthy-school-canteens 

However, for your convenience, we quote the relevant texts below – when reading these, please bear in mind that Fruchilla carries an above 4 STAR Health Star Rating.

And, concerning Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Slushies, the relevant pages are here: 

a) https://cms.det.nsw.edu.au/healthy-school-canteens/canteen-managers/balancing-your-menu/ready-reckoner/everyday-drinks

and here: b) https://cms.det.nsw.edu.au/healthy-school-canteens/canteen-managers/balancing-your-menu/ready-reckoner/everyday-frozen-ice-snacks

These two sections say, (this is copied directly from the text):

a) Fruit/vegetable juices (including coconut water), fruit-based smoothies/no-added-sugar frozen crushed ice drinks

  • 99% fruit/vegetable for juices (includes coconut water).
  • 99% fruit/vegetables juice served frozen or blended with ice are Everyday frozen ice snacks.
  • 99% fruit/vegetables juice may be diluted with plain/sparkling water. No sugars or intense sweeteners such as stevia or aspartame should be included in the ingredients list.

Maximum portion size

  • 250mL
  • Freshly prepared
  • Examples
  • Packaged 
  • o Packaged versions of these foods may be served.
  • o If you would like to select a healthier packaged version, choose those that are 3.5 stars and above.

b) Everyday frozen ice snacks

Meals, snacks and drinks that meet the minimum food and drink benchmark

99% juice-based frozen drinks, frozen or blended with ice

Maximum portion size

  • 250mL
  • Freshly prepared on site
  • Packaged
  • o Commercial, 99% juice ice-blocks may be sold.
  • o No sugars should be listed in ingredients list.

You can check out the Healthy Kids (NSW Canteen Ass) website (which has yet to be updated): http://healthy-kids.com.au/drinks-in-the-canteen/ 

Health Star Rating System

Under the new guidelines, Canteens will develop their own strategy and will be encouraged to provide a menu using the Health Star Rating system. 

Pre-prepared foodstuffs rated 3.5 Health Stars and above are rated as Everyday items.

Fruchilla 99% Fruit Juice is currently rated 4 to 4.5 Health Stars.

Fruchilla 99% Fruit Juice Slushies can serve your Canteen well, being popular, healthier, easy to serve – and profitable!

Fruchillaa Natural - 'The Great Slushie' taste
  • is over 99% fruit juice
  • has only Natural Flavours
  • has only Natural Colours
  • has no added sweeteners - of any kind
  • is low GI
  • is "Green" under the NSW Government "Fresh Tastes" criteria, at their recommended serving size
  • is "Amber" with the NSW Canteen Association, at the recommended serving size

Most importantly, Fruchilla Natural has been created to delight the people who really count - our Precious Customers - Your Kids!

It was a big challenge, to not only meet the health criteria of the Government all the concerned bodies and the extra requirements we specified, but to not compromise in our quest for 'The Great Slushie'.

Part of the answer lay in using the best ingredients; premium juices and the best natural flavourings and colourings that could be found.

But, it's the tastemasters' subtle skills and experience that really makes the difference. The chosen blend of juices and flavourings are critical, and only time, hard-won experience and dedication that has allowed us to produce consistently excellent results over the years. 

The really big results for us here are the surprisingly intense, full, fruity flavours which combine with the indulgently silky-smooth textured slush produced by our machines.

Wow!! Talk about a taste explosion!

And, they look fantastic!. That's the other shock, Fruchilla Natural Slushie colours are fresh and full - they look how they taste!

We always changing our range of flavours, introducing slurpadicious new ones (three this past year!). At any one time we will usually have six or more flavours available, and we do maintain two or three most favourite flavours as a constant. 

  • Current range is...
  • Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Strawberry 
  • Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Orange Mango
  • Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Lemon & Lime 
  • Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Watermelon 
  • Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Lemon 
  • Fruchilla Natural 99% Fruit Juice Apple Blackcurrant 

We haven't given them any fancier names - because they taste mmmmm... just like the name says they do...

To find out more about 'The Great Slushie', what a Slushie is, or Slushie History, click here.