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Gallery of Slushie Machines - good, bad & ugly!
PARTY Packages

Sydney KooLTailS Cocktail Slushie Machine Hire

Our 2017 Special offers are all GREAT VALUE deals!

You get top quality, two flavour machine delivered, set up, demonstrated

and collected, all for


including a FREE BONUS:

With alcohol added, and serving 200 mls cups, you get
approx 120 serves!

*only applies to the Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

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Kids' Party? Big Party? click here to see our other great Value packages! 

What you get:

  • FREE! - we deliver your sparkling Cocktail Party Machine anywhere in Sydney!
  • FREE! - we set-up, demonstrate and instruct you how to use it.
  • FREE! - we provide a 24 hr call-out service!
  • FREE! - we collect it, by arrangement - no cleaning required!



     We've been doing this for over 14 years - that is a lot of experience! 
                     So what? ..  
     We take pride in our service - you will get a sparklingly clean machine, 
     in excellent order - that is guaranteed to work! 
                     YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!
     Not happy? - NO QUIBBLES! - you will get all your money back.

Special Kids' Party Service -  You're concerned about allergies to food additives? 

You want to promote healthier choices?

The Slushie Co's "Healthy Kids" registered, great-tasting, Fruchilla Natural, 

99% Fruit Juices might be the answer you're looking for

For $10 extra per flavour, you can choose FRUCHILLA Natural 99% Juice!

Look below for your choice of


NATURAL flavours ...

 1300 79 33 50 to talk to a human being!


Find out more - or book - Call now! 


Submit our Party Hire Enquiry Form - we'll contact you either by email or by phone, click here (opens new window).


You can follow our easy, 3 step on-line process, and complete and order your own party package!

STEP 1  choose the fantastic VALUE PACKAGE that suits you from the selection of 7 available - the first
starts at $197 ! and is each designed to offer Great Value... click here to open a new window
to see all of them!

 now select your favourite flavours from the flavour lists:

KooLTailS Cocktails (mix with alcohol) click here (opens new window)

Slushie Originals (much-loved classics) click here (opens new window)

Fruitina Natural Slushies (Healthy Kids 99% fruit juice) click here  (opens new window)

 finally, click here to fill out a party hire form (opens new window). Once you have completed 
and submitted this form, we will contact you and confirm the booking. You can also access this form from any of the 
pages above.

ALTERNATIVELY....  you may prefer to call us and talk about it .. lots of people do!

 1300 79 33 50 NOW! - ANYTIME! to talk to a human being .....

 Remember, when you order a machine from The Slushie Co, we deliver a sparklingly clean machine and fill it for you,
you get full, written instructions, and a 24 hr phone number to call!  
If you want, your interaction with the machine need only be to pour slushies for your friends, perhaps top the machine
up, then flick the off switch at the end of the party.  We do the rest!

We will leave you extra supplies, which you will pay for only if you use them (at $20 per refill). Our instruction sheet will show you how to do this and we will also show you in person when we set up the machine.


Credit Card, Electronic Funds Transfer or cash. Whichever your choice, we will arrange it when we confirm your booking. We do charge 2% for credit card bookings.

The Slushie Co Flavour Menu

Yup, more flavours than you could poke a spoon straw at!     To make it easier, we have broken the choices down into three different ranges.

This our range of Classic Slushie Flavours - some are timeless favourites but we also include some exciting new surprises!


          Green Lime         Original Cola             Red Raspberry                Tropical 
                        Blue Lemonade             Bubble Gum                           Vanilla Cola                  


FRUCHILLA Natural 99% Fruit Juice

Looking for a healthier choice? 

No added sweeteners, no artificial colours or flavours, and produced in an allergenic-free, HCCP-accredited environment, 
these are the available flavours in our "Healthy Kids" registered FRUTINA Natural 99.9% Fruit - range. 

 Oh ... and they taste fruitatiously slurpadacious, too!

These is a surcharge of $10 per flavour. 

Lemon and Lime    
Old-fashioned Lemonade   
Orange Mango 



You can
CLICK HERE to open a Party Hire Form at any time in a new window 

(Cocktail choice page will remain open for you to review)

Choose from the following list of real fruit cocktail mixes for your 
Slushie Co  Cocktail Machine Party Hire.

Recommended alcohol is next to each description. 

You will need to supply 1 to 1+1/2 litres of alcohol per tankful.

When you book, we will e-mail you full instructions..

Mango Daiquiri  Colour? -  Mango! -  because it is Mango, verrry Mango.    

You simply add the nicest Vodka you can afford.

Strawberry Daiquiri - its a full, fruity Strawberry Red -
not surprising since it consists of Strawberry Fruit and
Lime juice, just as you'd expect
Just add White Rum..........

Just add White Rum...

Fruit Tingle (deep purple) - Blue Caracao, Grenadine, Lemonade - you add the Vodka!

Caribbean Crush (Orange glow) - Pineapple, orange and Mango. You add Rum.

Pina Colada  

(pale, creamy orange colour) made with coconut and pineapple add rum and (optional) some coconut cream  

Cosmopoltan (dark red) Cranberry Juice and Lime
- perfectly blended, you just add a good, crisp Vodka. 

Margarita (light green) - Triple Sec, Lime Juice and Lemon Juice
                   - you get to add the Tequila!

Illusion or Melon Mist (very green) - Honey Dew Lemon, Pineapple Juice. You add Vodka, Rum and a hint of Cointreau.

Sex on the Beach (Cranberry red) - Cranberry Juice, Peach, Orange. You add Vodka.

Classic Cola (brown - wouldn't you say?) - You add ... well, what do you like with cola? Jack Daniels, Bundaberg Rum .. you pick it!

These are the most popular mixes and other mixes are available. If your favourite fancy is you not on the list, then
please ask us, we will get it for you!

Your Slushie Machine needs it's own domestic power point and it needs to be out of the sun (so the sun isn't melting the ice),
and under cover (in case of rain).

It requires a sturdy, level and stable surface on which to stand. We can supply a stand at a small additional cost, if

CLICK HERE to open a Party Hire Form in a new window (Cocktail choice page will remain open for you to review)