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Gallery of Slushie Machines - good, bad & ugly!
PARTY Packages

Used (reconditioned) Machines
Yes - we do have some great reconditioned machines for sale! 

These represent terrific value as you get a fully mechanically reconditioned full commercial machine at a fraction of the new price. These machines are a much better proposition for professional users (such as Sports Clubs, Church Groups and Youth Organisations) than a cheap import - one of either of the two models shown here will last for many years and are fully supported with spares and engineering back-up.

In Sydney Metropolitan, we will supply them delivery free, with manuals, and with one year's full warranty.

Slushie Machine SPM "Ice Peak"

The slim, elegance of this slushie machine means it complements any environment.

This well-designed machine by the Italian manufacturer SPM (www.spm-ice.it ) is one of the best of all the Italian machines for a number of reasons.

These not only include their superior build quality, better materials, and good looks, but also features such as their great tap design (so easy to remove and clean), big capacity (26 litres), and easy-to-manage design.

This machine is also unique in having two compressors which means it will freeze up on a hot Summer's day, when all other machines will be doomed to fail.

The down-side (there's always one!) is that it is heavier, but we think the extra burden is well worth the pay-off of knowing that your machine will freeze up and your customers will be better off than anyone else's.

Price Guide $1,750 + GST

Call us now on 

1300 79 33 50

to discuss your slushie machine requirements with an expert!

Slushy Machine "Speciale"

We are very fond of "The Big Blue" as we call them. 

They are a special edition of the Ice Peak above, created by the same Italian manufacturer, SPM (www.spm-ice.it), to increase "presence".

This certainly works ... the large, well-lit merchandiser (light box!) sets the swirling slush a-glow and the blue and steel body really grabs attention!

It is, of course, also a twin compressor machine, offering the same powerful freezing capabilities as the Ice Peak.

Price Guide:  $1,450 + GST

Call us now on 

1300 79 33 50

to discuss your slushie machine requirements with an expert!

The GBG "Fast Freeze"

This machine is the fastest in the business! - which is why we have 30 or so on our fleet. They are also very reliable with 12 litre tanks and all-round excellent performance. We have sold a number of these machines to people who have them in their mobile beverage vans - because of their reliability and rapid freezing. These 2nd hand machines are better than the later-guilt new ones!

Price Guide: $2,145 + GST.

Call us now on 

1300 79 33 50

to discuss your slushie machine requirements with an expert!

The Mighty BUNN! 2nd hand - reconditioned

Yup - we have a very limited number of these prized machines available - click here to read all about The mighty BUNN Ultra 2  
     Price Guide: $2,500 - $3,000 + GST - or, ask for rent!

Call us now on 

1300 79 33 50

to discuss your slushie machine requirements with an expert!

About Our Used Machines ...

Recently someone asked "how can you guarantee the machine you sell me?"

Good question..!!

This is how we answered ..

The Origin 

These are our machines that we sell to you. 

The mainstay of our business is running machines we own in very busy sites (big School canteens, popular sports clubs, etc) where we only get paid if the machine is working. 

For this reason, we only buy the best quality machines - we can't afford the inevitable down-time you get as a result of using lesser quality machinery. 

The Reconditioning

When we supply you with one of these machines, we select and withdraw a suitable one from a functioning site which is due for its next Preventative Maintenance Service. In our workshop, we will work on it as hard as if we were going to run it for the next few years for ourselves - only even better! 

Before you receive it, your machine spends many hours in a strict testing and servicing procedure. Every renewable service part is replaced and the permanent mechanics of the machine are bench-tested over a period of days to ensure that all the parts and the whole are functioning as they should. 

We have developed this careful process over the years because, for our own good, we need our machines to really work!

The Brands

Although we have extensive experience of many brands, we buy currently four different makes of machines only, and each has its area of best use. Between them, these four makes pretty much cover every kind of requirement. We are expert in understanding, maintaining and managing all four machines.

In Summary

We have been buying and running slushie machines for over ten years now. 

We own almost two hundred ourselves and have sold more than that to customers, most of whom we have established long-term relationships with. We look to building our future through these extended relationships and so we aim to give advice and service that we believe our customers will be grateful for - in the long run!

Call us now on 

1300 79 33 50

to discuss your slushie machine requirements with an expert!